New South African online T&L journal (CriSTaL)


We’re really happy to announce the launch of CriSTaL (Critical Studies in Teaching and Learning), a new South African online journal on the scholarship of teaching and learning. From the home page:

Critical Studies in Teaching and Learning is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes scholarly articles and essays that describe, theorise and reflect on teaching and learning practice in higher education. The editors welcome contributions that are critical and well-researched, whether they are analytical, theoretical or practice-based, as well as contributions that deal with innovative and reflective approaches to teaching and learning. We are particularly interested in articles that have relevance to the South African educational context.

It’s great to finally have another local option for publishing scholarship around teaching and learning in South Africa. Please take a moment to share this with any colleagues who you think may be interested.


Published by

Michael Rowe

I'm a physiotherapy lecturer at the University of the Western Cape and have an interest in technology-mediated teaching and learning.

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