Useful apps for writers

We all know we have to write – the adage of ‘publish or perish’ is well-known amongst academics. But we also know we have to teach, and manage increasingly large loads of administration, and spend time with our families and ourselves, and have lives outside of work. So where do we find the time to write? There just does not seem to be enough of this precious commodity to go around, and making time to write also means having to make time to read and think and be organised and this all sounds like a lot of hard work, the pleasures of writing notwithstanding. But, publishing the work we are doing is important, and it is something worth finding time for. Not just because it is required of us as part of our work as academics, but also because it is necessary for the growth and development of our fields, and because people will be able to use the work we publish to build and develop their own work. The expansion of knowledge, knowing and also related practice and doing through scholarship and sharing of knowledge and learning is something to take seriously, and also get excited about. But, it is work.So to help out, this link below will take you to some apps we have found for writers who struggle to make time to write and to keep at it; some of them we have used ourselves and find very helpful. You might also find this post on writing worth reading too. To borrow the words of a colleague who presented a paper on publishing in academia last year: it shouldn’t be publish or perish; we should make it publish and flourish!


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I work with an amazing and diverse group of people who are passionate about teaching, learning, writing, thinking and rethinking, and making a difference in higher education in South Africa.

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