Yet another T&L blog?

the crazy onesWe know what you’re thinking…Really? Another blog on teaching and learning? Don’t we have enough people writing about this? Do we really need another place for the sharing of opinions, experiences and resources? We think that we do and we’re going to try and explain why.

We have amazing people in South African higher education, people who are creative, innovative, motivated, efficient and effective but we don’t always know what they’re up to. We thought that we could do with an online space to learn more about what those people are doing. We thought that there was a gap in the South African higher education community for a group of people to come together and share the important work they’re doing with students, whether it’s in the form of published research, anecdotal experiences or just asking questions for clarity.

There are other communities for South African educators (think HELTASA, CHE and SAAHE) but we thought there was room for something a bit more…playful. Something less formal. Maybe even irreverent. We think that there’s space for a group of like-minded South African educators to get together and shoot the breeze without needing to worry about who is watching and who you represent. A place where you can cut loose and say what you think. Where you can challenge the status quo and where you don’t have to conform.

We think that there is room for debate and discussion that is institution-independent and we think that this could be that space.

What do you think?



I like our choice of unteaching to describe this space as it troubles the notion of teaching and gets us to think about it’s taken for granted assumptions. It also promises something different and the need to be mindful in unlearning or destabilising our current beliefs about teaching.

First post

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